Governance Structure

Aspire MAT Board – Directors/Trustees: Declarations and Attendance

Term of office ends
Conflicts of  interest
Other governance roles
18/07 19/09 03/12 06/02 30/04
Colin Anderson 05/11/2023 None None
Keith Daniell 15/07/2022 None None
Mark Fielding 31/08/2022 None None A A A A
Peter Golightly 15/07/2022 None Governor – East Bridgford St. Peter’s CofE Academy
Claire Meese 15/07/2022 Former Diocesan Director of Education None A A
Rich Sewell 31/10/2023 Director of Rock UK (Northants based outdoor activity centre) None A A
Martyn Skinner Ex officio None None
Mark Wilson 01/03/2020 None Governor – Kirkby Woodhouse School A A Resigned
Key: A – Absent; E – Extraordinary; V – Virtual

Aspire MAT  – Members: Declarations

Member as per Articles
Undertaken by
Appointment from
Conflicts and other governance roles
Chair of Diocesan Board of Education Canon Mark Tanner (interim chair)
(previously Ven David Picken)
 01/11/2019 Member of The National Church of England Academy, Transform Trust, Southwell & Nottingham MAT, and Mitre Trust for Education; Trustee of Southwell & Nottingham Education Trust.
Diocesan Board of Finance Martin Cooper (Diocesan CEO)
(previously Revd Nigel Spraggins)
02/03/2019 Member of Archway Learning Trust and Southwell & Nottingham MAT (as DBF representative)
Chair of Board of Trustees Peter Golightly 01/02/2014 Chair Aspire MAT Board of Trustees; Member Local Governing Body of East Bridgford St. Peter’s Academy